Welcome to one of our page, where you can find all the necessary and the most intriguing information about some famous people. Right now you are surfing on Leighton Meester’s portfolio. Leighton Marrisa Meester is a famous actor and singer. She is best known for her portrayal of Blair Waldorf in one of the most popular and influential TV series Gossip Girl. Leighton’s impersonated teenage queen B became a role model for every young lady around the globe. Blair was a fashion icon, also an example of an Upper East Side girl. Her way of keeping friends, treating other people, bossing everyone around, wanting to be the most important person in the place showed the dark sides of this character. But her unconditional loving, affection, self-renunciation was the reasons why we all fell in love with Blair. However what we can say about Blair Waldorf we cannot imply that on Leighton, there is much about Leighton Meester, that are different from Waldorf. Therefore, here you are browsing the best source of information on this young famous woman. Here you can find all sorts of facts, stories, and videos about Leighton Meester. We are sure you will be interested in her singing career, love life, GG set secrets and her future plans. We offer you not to hesitate and stay on this page. We hope you will have a pleasure reading all about her as we enjoyed telling you. Enjoy!


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