Leighton Meester Video

We all know Leighton Meester from the cult TV series Gossip Girl. But it should be mentioned, that Leighton Meester movies are as good as her TV series! So if you are a fan, then you should definitely check out her filmography. There are not many Leighton Meester films to this date, because she had to turn down some roles due to the contact she had with Gossip Girl producers. So far this actress already has a few movies that she played the lead role in. One of her first lead roles in a movie were in a comedy horror picture Drive-Thru (2007).

Right after that Leighton Meester starred in another comedy horror flick called Killer Movie (2008).

Although she did not have a solo lead role in this last movie, as it featured different characters as main ones, she got noticed by Hollywood producers as a potential lead actress in horror flicks. That is why another Leighton Meester movie ended up being in the same horror genre. She was cast in a leader role as an antagonist in 2011 for a movie called The Roommate.

This was an unusual twist, for this sweet girl to portray an obsessed roommate who will cross many lines for the person she developed a fatal attraction to. Not everyone can play a psycho convincingly, however Leighton Meester managed this role very good! After this flick Leighton Meester movie career started to boost up. So if you want to see this talented actress show off her talent, then you will have look through all of Leighton Meester movies.

Of course she was not type casted an there are other great films in the Leighton Meester movies list, such as the Oscar nominated musical drama Country Strong

where she played and showed her other skills as an actor. She did perform for the movie by herself and we can only admit that her singing is truly beautiful. If you want to take a sneak-peak, you should definitely see this clip from the movie:

Other Leighton Meester films include her in such romance films as Monte Carlo and The Oranges. However as of 2014, everyone is waiting for a new highly anticipated movie The Judge (2014)

where Leighton Meester will star besides such Hollywood veterans as Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga and Billy Bob Thornton. Though currently it’s still not clear how big is the role of the Gossip Girl actress, still you can’t argue that such a title in Leighton Meester movie list will most likely help her boost her career.